Institute of Mechanised Construction and Rock Mining - Warsaw, Poland


From 1 May 2004 a EU notified body, based on the authorization of the Ministry of Economy, Labour and Social Policy concerning certification for conformity with the following New Approach directives: machinery, noise emission, low voltage, electromagnetic compatibility, construction.

Characteristics of the Institute

The Institute was established in 1951. It is a state research and development body operating in the field of mechanized construction, industrial automation and the construction industry, mechanical engineering and safety, construction equipment and rock mining machinery, waste management and recycling, information science, technical and economic information.

The Institute has highly qualified researchers and testing and engineering staff as well as unique specialized laboratories, testing facilities and benches with modern, high quality measurement and testing equipment.

The main organizational units of Ł-IMBiGS include:

  • Construction and Mining Equipment Research Laboratory,
  • The Research Centre of Building Materials “IZOLACJA”,
  • Waste Research Laboratory,
  • Department of Rock Mining,
  • Department of Mechanised Construction,
  • Department of Mechanics and Machine Construction,
  • Operators Training and Certification Centre,
  • Centre of Waste & Environment Management,
  • Certification Centre (certification of products, services and management systems),
  • Technical Assessment Body (TAB),
  • Technical Approvals Section (AT-08),
  • Machine Operator Training Centre,
  • PKN/KT 14 Secretariat "Machines and Equipment for the Building Industry, the Building Materials Industry and Rock Mining",
  • PKN/KT 108 Secretariat "Construction Aggregates and Stone".

Scope of research and development activities:

  • mechanics of earth moving, construction, road-building, handling machinery and equipment;
  • mechanics of rock material mining and processing;
  • rational waste management systems and solutions taking into consideration ecology and techniques and technologies of rational waste management;
  • ecodevelopment and environmental management in processing raw materials and recycling of waste and recovery of valuable waste components;
  • ergology, and in particular protection of man against noise and vibration, smoke and dust pollution;
  • operational safety of machines and equipment;
  • industrial and product standardization;
  • information activity forecasting, including regulatory, economic and organizational aspects.
  • materials, products  and systems  for thermal insulation,
  • materials and systems  for hydro insulation,
  •  energy efficient technologies,
  •  energy-saving machines,
  • power production from renewable energy sources.


The Institute is authorized by relevant state authorities to (among others):

  • test and assess the quality of rock material and rock processed products, perform environmental and waste management assessments, test and assess the quality of building materials for thermal and hydro insulation,
  • grant product safety certificates to manufacturers;
  • grant product certificates of conformity with a Polish Standard or other reference document;
  • issue the European Technical Assessments,
  • issue the Technical Approvals,
  • quality systems certification for conformity with ISO 9001:2000;
  • certification of waste management services;
  • coordinate, control and train operators of earth-moving, building, road-building and other machines and equipment and maintain a central register of issued licenses;
  • confer PhD degrees (in the field of mechanical engineering and operation);
  • apply for awarding the professor degree.

Accredited testing laboratories

The Institute conducts safety tests of construction, rock mining and waste and aggregate processing machines and equipment. The laboratories are accredited by the Polish Center for Accreditation (PCA): the Construction and Mining Equipment Research Laboratory IMBiGS PCA accreditation no. AB 049, the Waste Research Laboratory holds PCA accreditation no. AB 236, notified in the scope of Regulation No. 305/2011 of the European Parliament and of the Council of the EU - Laboratory of Building Materials, accreditation no. AB 008. Laboratory of Building Materials is also registered under the CEN Keymark Scheme SDG-5. The accreditations are the evidence that the laboratories meet all the requirements in their respective scopes, which ensures high quality, reliability and objectivity of conducted tests. Suitable equipment ensures professional testing irrespective of the level of complexity.


Our Certification Centre is accredited by the Polish Center for Accreditation (accreditation nos. AC 002, AC 065 and AC 092) and conducts the following activities under relevant authorities and agreements:

  • Voluntary certification for safety "B" marking of machines and equipment;
  • Quality systems certification for conformity with ISO 9001:2009;
  • Certification for conformity with the following New Approach directives required for issuing a declaration of product conformity and "CE" marking:
  • - 2006/42/EC   Machinery  – including ROPS and FOPS
    - 2006/95/EC   Low Voltage 
    - 2000/14/EC   Noise emission ... 
    - 2004/108/EC Electromagnetic Compatibility
  • Certification for conformity with Construction Products Regulation 305/2011 – with respect to products and factory production control
  • Voluntary certification for "ET" marking of machines and equipment, as part of the Eurotest Consortium.

Technical Assessment Body:

The activities of the Technical Assessment Body include:

  • execution of procedure for issuing of European Technical Assessment (ETA) (groups: 3 - hydroinsulation, 4 - thermoinsulation, 21 - aggregates)
  • granting of National Technical Assessment (KOT)
  • cooperation with the European Organisation for Technical Assessment (EOTA)